The Future of Citadel-Accepting Online Casinos in 2023

Online payments made with your bank can be made promptly with the help of Instant Banking by Citadel. Because of the high level of protection it provides, Canadians like Citadel as a means of funding their accounts at online casinos.

Many Canadian casinos now accept Citadel as a payment option due to the method’s meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. However, rather of becoming stuck in a rut of analysis paralysis, why you examine our shortlist of Citadel online casinos that all let you to enjoy:

The same easy methods used to pay online bills can be used to fund your casino account.

Safe and secure instant payments using bank-grade encryption

Pay from your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet wherever you are.

Citadel has been providing its devoted online casino customers with these and many other advantages for years. In 2023, we recommend Jackpot City as the best site to play your favorite table and slot games for real money, but all of the casinos that made it to this list are excellent options.

History of the Citadel

Millions of Canadians now regularly use online banking to pay for goods and services. Because of the highest level of protection that money can purchase, many people are willing to put their faith in online banking. It is because of this same technology and reliability that Instant Banking by Citadel has become so widespread among gamers in the year 2023.

You may utilize the same system you use to pay your bills with your preferred bank with Citadel, and it’s available in roughly 25 different countries (including Canada). In contrast to using an e-wallet or similar deposit option, users in Canada and elsewhere do not need to create a new account with Citadel in order to make immediate, secure deposits into their online casino accounts without disclosing any personal information in the process.

Due to the high level of protection it provides, Canadians prefer using Citadel when making deposits to online casinos.

Popular Citadel Functions

The largest draw for online gamblers is the provider’s ability to facilitate deposits to online casinos without disclosing any sensitive financial information. Because all deposits to the Citadel Casino are made through the player’s preexisting online banking account, which the player already knows and trusts to employ the highest level of security available today.

Using Citadel provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, despite the fact that online casinos (especially the finest ones we recommend) are already among the safest sites on the internet thanks to regular audits by third-party organizations like eCOGRA. The best part is that when you make a deposit using Citadel, you can still take advantage of the generous real money signup bonuses that are standard at the industry’s top sites.

Benefits and Drawbacks

In 2023, casinos that use Citadel have risen in popularity, and not just because of the currency’s stellar reputation for preventing fraud and protecting users’ identities. One, cashouts from the Citadel casino are practically instant (much as those made using a credit or debit card). You may use your existing Citadel account, so there’s no need to sign up for a new one or give anyone else access to your email address. Last but not least, you won’t incur any fees while funding your Citadel casino account beyond what your regular bank would charge (which should be zero at any respectable institution).

Citadel isn’t flawless, but its availability is its main weakness (which, one again, isn’t an issue if you follow our suggestions). You’ll need a credit card, debit card, or another form of electronic payment to play at an online casino if you’re located in a country that isn’t one of the 23 it now accepts. Not all Canadian financial institutions accept it, and some may charge you a fee if you try to use it to make a purchase. Last but not least, you can use Citadel to withdraw money from select casinos and banks, albeit doing so may cost you.

Online Casinos and the Use of Citadel

After signing up for an account at an online casino, you’ll need to fund it with real money via the cashier page. Choose Citadel (often just labelled as ‘Instant Banking’) from the casino’s list of accepted payment options and then follow its instructions.

Selecting your preferred banking option usually follows, with the possibility of being redirected to a Citadel-operated page or a different page within the casino. In any instance, you’ll be sent to the login page for your online banking service, where you can decide how much actual cash to deposit into your gaming account. After you verify the transaction, the money should be placed immediately, allowing you to start playing slots, table games, and more for real money.

Questions & Answers

Citadel is…

It’s a method of sending money to online gambling sites and other merchants.

The genius of it is that it can be used with your already established online banking account; no new account registration is required. Since it leverages the bank’s infrastructure, deposits are almost instant and are safeguarded by the same encryption standards as traditional banking.






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