Scratch Card with the Wizard of All

Wizard of All is the website to visit if you are looking for an online scratch card that will transform the gaming experience into a wonderful one. It provides players in Canada with the gameplay that has been familiarized by print cards for decades, in addition to a few surprises that are sure to enchant them.

The bonuses, in addition to the colors and animations, are completely unearthly, and there are a wide variety of imaginative details that place this game among the very finest of all online casino card games. The fact that the wizard is capable of being extremely giving when the mood strikes him is, however, the best thing about it all.


Bets Are Flexible

It is well knowledge that wizards have the ability to alter not only their own appearance but also the appearance of those around them. When you play Wizard of All, there is no chance that you will be changed into a toad, but he will give you some of his power in exchange for your participation.


The size of the wagers you place can range anywhere from fifty cents to ten dollars, and you can watch in awe as the value of those bets adjusts when you use the plus and minus buttons located on the scratch card’s user interface. The screen is dominated by ten blocks arranged in two rows of five, each of which bears a mystery symbol. There is no need to choose the quantity of games you wish to play because all of them are included in each and every one.


Are You Ready to Play?

After determining the amount of the ticket that is appropriate for your finances, you will then be able to participate in enchanted casino games. To begin, you are tasked with clicking the Play button on the media player.


Two extra blocks can be found directly below the primary 10. They will contain winning symbols when they are completed. These are the symbols that need to line up for you to be eligible for the payout that is being offered.


Try Your Luck With the Card

You are free to begin scratching as soon as the winning Wizard of All symbols appear underneath the playing area. This portion of the scratch card is not at all confusing or difficult to understand, in contrast to the mysterious rites that are performed during high magic.


You can either click on the weird sigils to expose the symbols they conceal, or you can tap on them if you are playing the game on an Android, iOS, or other mobile device. As you continue to do so, a symbol will become visible, and if you are fortunate, it will correspond to one of the blocks located below, at which point your winnings amount will increase.


The Power in Its Symbols

The virtual casino game takes place in a dark chamber deep within the sorcerer’s castle. The only light in the area comes from a single lamp and the moonlight that enters through a big window. The walls are covered with books and bottles containing unusual substances and powerful concoctions. Off in the distance, one can also make out the silhouette of a cauldron.


The symbols on the scratch card that you need to match do not appear to be out of place at all until you uncover them. They consist of a pointed hat that belonged to the wizard, a feather pen, a wand capped with a crystal, a candle in a holder, a book of spells, an enchanted ring, a bag out of which colored powder spills through a hole, a crescent moon talisman on a chain, an animal with flashing yellow eyes, and an enchanted ring.


Stunning Add-Ons and Their Benefits

The ease of play of instant-win casino games has helped make them immensely popular in Canada. Despite this, there is no guarantee that what you see in Wizard of All is actually what you will receive.


If you find the owl symbol, it will bestow a magical air on the game and double the reward that is currently being displayed. Not only that, but if you find the wizard himself lurking behind one of the sigils, he will perform even more miraculous deeds for you if you bring him to light. He will provide you all ten of the rewards that are up for grabs!


Where to Make Your Bets

Are you prepared to speak with the marvelous sorcerer? Discover all of the pleasures that this scratch card has to offer by playing it at a reputable online casino for players from Canada. We would be more than pleased to suggest one of our all-time favorite brands, which is Magic Red.






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