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Book Debuts @ Paint & Pixel – Updated!

Sarah Adam – Number Buddies

Number Buddies is a coloring book about how to draw the numbers, and make friends with them as well! This 28 page coloring and activity book is filled with whimsical poems and fun characters. Maybe you can create some number buddies of your own?

This book is based on the author’s own experiences with learning how to write the numbers as a kid. With as many counting books available, this coloring book gives life to the numbers themselves and properly introduces the numbers before the adventures (or terrors) of arithmetic.


Lisa Cavalear – Society’s Ills

You are about to enter a parallel neighborhood that could very well be as bad as your own. Society’s Ills focuses on a group of childhood friends that are entering their first semester of adult life at New Scuzzden Community College. Through bad student worker jobs and worse dates, they try to make their place, or hide within a college where nothing is quite what it seems.

Marshall Couture aka PlexHop – GLYF and the Monster Munch Mystery

Follow GLYF and Stick Up Kid as they search to discover the menace behind the candy that turned GLYF’s brother into a monster!!! A hand-bound and stapled mini-comic edition spanning 14 pages that loosely follows the adventures established in “GLYF and the Terror of Tusk”.

Mark Masztal & John Rovnak – Panel to Panel: Exploring Words & Pictures

A 272 page, full-color collection of interviews, essays, comics and articles which explore the industry and culture of comic books and graphic novels. An eclectic mix of interviews featuring prominent names from all sides of the comics world, including Alan Moore, Mark Bode, Jimmy Gownley, Steve Murphy, Larry Hama, Jim Woodring, Dave Sim, Glenn Danzig, Craig Yoe, Larry Marder, David Mack, Jaime Hernandez, Jim Simon, Michael Cohen, Stan Sakai and James Sturm. Fully illustrated articles and essays concerning the topics of the Writings of Jack Kirby, Creating Community Minded Comics, 1960s Archie Comics, France’s Censorship of Marvel Comics, Europe’s “Kriminal” History, and Poetry in Comics. Also featured are over 30 pages of James Kochalka’s Rock Poster Art, the “Graphic Poetry” of Peter Money and Rick Veitch, full-color comics by Mark Martin, and the astounding CRYSTAL SIGIL comic by Charles Glaubitz.

Other contributors include: Mort Todd, Jean Depelley, Reed Man, Fr. Chris Kulig, and Mark Masztal. Cover Art by Mark Martin.


Gregery Miller – Vimshaw

Vimshaw is a short, scary narrative written by Jacob Oley in “comic zine” format from the Boston Comics Roundtable’s annual Halloween anthology Hellbound III: Darkness, The Horror Anthology.

Mary Nadeau – The Giant and The Fly

Written and illustrated by Mary Nadeau, Giant is a friendly giant and he really loves his honey, but when a pesky fly has set his sights on Giant’s honey. . . Watch out! How far will Fly go to get Giant’s honey?

Ben Prager – Ash Storm: Episodes One through Five

A surreal fantasy and speculative fiction, Ash Storm is a 58-page, digitally painted comics about two kids in middle school and the bad things that happen to them.

Kevin Slattery – A Place I Don’t Belong

When the POET on the road meets the BLONDE MOVIE STAR ev’rything that can goes wrong. From their night on the town to the shiny red car in A PLACE I DON’T BELONG. A lyrical tale of LOVE and MISADVENTURE written and illustrated by Kevin Slattery.

Gary Smith – Doe-Nild and Tales of J’lleen

The Doe-nild is an outer-space soap opera about a man who finds himself with a renewed lease on life by the chance meeting with a most unusual woman named J’lleen. How Doe-Nild deals with his personal demons from the past and J’ll’s problem of being a stranger-in-a-strange-land and her longing to find the way back home will dominate their relationship together and only provide entertainment for everyone.
I felt a companion book featuring J’lleen as a teen would make a good vehicle for drawing in a way that I really enjoy and allows for introducing concepts and characters before they have the moment to affect the lives of Doe-Nild and J’lleen in harsher extremes. J’lleen, through a student-exchange program, meets Pallas Athena and her loyal friend Uhu the Owl. The three of them immediately click with each other and soon the adventures start to unravel themselves.

Betsey Swardlink – FAILWOLVES #7: “Shoot The Room”

FAILWOLVES is an ongoing series chronicling the misadventures of Ellen and Hallie, a pair of twentysomething vegan werewolves with questionable social skills. Issue #7 asks the tough questions: When is your freedom more important than your principles? Is anything more important than vegan pizza? All this plus mopeds in the latest installment.

Paige “Rampaige” Halsey Warren – Busty Girl Comics Volume 2

  Comics #101 through 200 of the hit webcomic about the perks and problems of being busty.

Festival Programming

We are thrilled to announce The Center for Cartoon Studies, America’s premier MFA program for cartooning, returns to the festival and presents a fun workshop introducing different artist tools and techniques:

11:00 AM – “Ink with a Brush and Paint a Pixel”

There are a lot of tools available to make your comics. Some of these tools might seem intimidating, but they’re actually really easy to learn, and could help take your comics to the next level. The Center for Cartoon Studies students Sophie Goldstein, Laurel Leake, and Sasha Steinberg will show you how to use lettering tools, ink with a brush, and digitally draw comics. Arm your cartoonist toolbox, learn a few more tricks!

1:00 PM – “Juggling Tastes, Pushing Boundaries”

Art can amuse and entertain, but also shock and offend. One person’s trenchant social commentary or moving tale of human drama is another person’s obscenity or insult. We’ll look at some of the issues with pioneering gay cartoonist Howard Cruse, Air Pirates creator Gary Hallgren, editorial cartoonist E.J. Barnes, and former director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Susan Alston.

2:00 PM -  Art demo by Scholastics and mecha-extraordinaire artist David White

3:00 PM -  “Making A Career Making Art”

It’s not easy to make living as an artist, but it is possible. Our panelists will talk about some of the different ways to do it, and some advice on making your own way. With Jack Purcell (teacher and inker for DC Comics), Rafael Anzovin (computer animator, owner of Anzovin Studios), Sarah Platanitis (journalist), and Colin Tedford (Trees & Hills Comics Group).

4:00 PM – “Stories For Everyone”

Who is the story for and how do you tell it to them? Horror or humor, kid friendly or adults only, daily strip or original graphic novel? A story is more than just a series of events strung together in a narrative; it’s a matter of tone and emphasis, and the way you present it and the audience you have in mind shapes it as much as the plot. Featuring Greg Ruth (Conan Born on the  Battlefield, Freaks of the Heartland) and Rebecca Guay (Last DragonFlight Of Angels, Black Orchid) in aesthetic “gladiatorial battle”.

Portfolio Reviews

Are you an artist attending Paint & Pixel Festival? Would you like feedback on your portfolio? If so, we are ecstatic that the following artists are offering portfolio reviews:

  • George Amaru
  • E.J. Barnes
  • Susan Houldin
  • Gregery Miller
  • Greg Ruth
  • Gary Smith
  • Brett Swanson
  • Paige “Rampaige” Halsey Warren
  • David White

All portfolio reviews are conducted at the discretion of the exhibitor at their table and will be highlighted on the exhibitor floorplan.

CHILDREN’S COMICS WORKSHOP @ MODERN MYTHS – Every Thu in October – 4:00-5:00 PM

Visit our Facebook event page.

Paint & Pixel presents the Children’s Comics Workshop, a free month long series of hands on comics-making parties held at 4pm every Thursday in October at Modern Myths in Northampton and conducted by comic artist and Paint & Pixel Education Coordinator, Colin Panetta.

By participating in this program, children will learn to both express themselves and have fun by learning the language of comics. You don’t need to be good at drawing, and all materials will be provided. Attendance to all four workshops is not required- come to just one or all four. This program is aimed at young children, but anyone from ages 5 to 100 can walk in the door and walk back out holding an eight page minicomic they created! For more information, contact Colin at

COMIC BOOK MOVIE @ POPCORN NOIR – Thursday, October 18 – 7:00 PM

COMIC BOOK MOVIE @ POPCORN NOIR – Thursday, October 18; 7:00 PM.

Paint & Pixel Festival is hosting  its second comic book movie at the fabulous Popcorn Noir movie club in Easthampton, MA! Due to licensing agreement, Popcorn Noir cannot market the title of the movie to the public, only to its movie club members, but here’s a clue to what you’ll see:

“why are there so many songs about rainbows”
“bear left!  right frog”
a used car that cost $11.95

Local comic shop Modern Myths will be giving out a free comic issue from the current comic series to each movie attendee!


- Paint & Pixel has 8 reserved seats, let us know if you want to be one of them! (You must arrive no later than 10 minutes before start time to claim your seat).
- All other attendees must be members of Popcorn Noir or accompanied by a member. Membership is only $10/year to attend all movies, free!
- Only Popcorn VIP members ($25/yr.) can make additional reservations beyond our 8. Otherwise, if you become a regular member without a reservation, there are always some seats up fro grabs first-come, first-served. Check-in/seating begins 45 minutes in advance in the Lobby.

Popcorn Noir
32 Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027
[Google Maps:]

More information on our FB Event page:

Featured Guest: Peter Laird

Paint & Pixel is thrilled to welcome featured guest, Peter Laird!

A Massachusetts native, Peter Laird was born in 1954 in North Adams and received his BFA in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts in 1976. Shortly thereafter, he began his professional illustration career. His first self-published comic book work was Barbaric Fantasy (1975), eventually followed by his first profitable self-published comic book work, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which Peter co-created in 1984 with Kevin Eastman. Peter is best known for his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in its many forms, from comics to movies to animation to toys. Outside of the TMNT universe, Peter has also worked on other comic projects including Stupid Heroes and Planet Racers (with Jim Lawson).

Peter will be selling black and white prints from his “Treefaces” portfolio. More information on Peter and his work on his blog.

Featured Guest: Shawn McManus

Paint & Pixel is pleased to welcome featured comic artist, Shawn McManus!

A native New Englander, Shawn McManus recently moved back to the East Coast after living in Los Angeles for over two decades where he was employed doing designs for animation, theme parks, movies, and television. He has also worked for every major comic book company since 1984 drawing such characters as Sandman, Batman, Spider-Man, Swamp Thing and the classic Arm-Fall-Off-Boy among many others. He now makes his home in Massachusetts and, believe it or not, he likes the winters!

More work can be seen on his website,

Featured Guest: Jack Purcell

Paint & Pixel is pleased to welcome featured comic artist, Jack Purcell!

Jack Purcell graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art in 1996.  He began his work both penciling and inking in various independent jobs with a variety of companies, in addition to freelance illustration for companies like Best Buy, New Jersey Fireworks, and Digi magazine.  Jack has taught workshops in comic book creation for the last 20 years in schools, libraries and museums and feels very old when he says that out loud.  He eventually focused on inking and has worked on numerous independent titles, Heavy Metal magazine, and a variety of projects for DC Entertainment, Disney, Image and Marvel Comics.  Titles include Batman, Gotham Underground, Batman: The Dark Knight, Birds of Prey, Gotham City Sirens, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batgirl and others.

2011 saw the release of Stan Lee’s The Guardian Project which includes both pencils and inks by Jack.  Jack also teaches classes at Rhode Island School Of Design Continuing Education.

He happily lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife, son, daughter, dog, and WWE championship belt.

Additional work can be found on his blog,

Featured Guest: Greg Ruth

Paint & Pixel is pleased to welcome featured comic artist, Greg Ruth!

Greg Ruth began working in comics in 1993 and has since written and drawn stories for Dark Horse Comics, DC/Vertigo, Fantagraphics, The New York Times and Scholastic including Sudden GravityFreaks of the Heartland (with Steve Niles), Conan: Born on the Battlefield (with Kurt Busiek), The Matrix ComicsGoosebumps among others. He has also created work for The Criterion Collection, Macmillan, Random House, CNN, Viking, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, and Hyperion including his first children’s book, Our Enduring Spirit (with Barack Obama), A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade (with James Preller), City of Orphans (with Avi), and Red Kite, Blue Kite (with Ji Li Jiang) as well as music videos for Rob Thomas and Prince. He is currently working on his ongoing 52 Weeks Project drawing series, and two more graphic novels, The Lost Boy (for Scholastic/Graphix) and Indeh (with Ethan Hawke for Hyperion/ABC). He currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and artist, Jen Smith and their two sons, Emmett and Nathaniel.

For more work by Greg, visit his website and Etsy store,

Featured Guest: Gary Hallgren

Paint & Pixel is pleased to welcome featured cartoonist, Gary Hallgren!

Gary Hallgren grew up in a farming county in Western Washington but studied painting and design at Western Washington State College. Gary decided he wanted to be an underground cartoonist after seeing Zap Comix #2, and in 1970, he met Dan O’Neill, who he soon teamed up with, along with several other artists, to produce Air Pirates Funnies. The comix series contained parody versions of Mickey Mouse, which led to a highly-publicized lawsuit from The Walt Disney Company that was ultimately settled out of court.


Gary Hallgren’s work has since appeared in numerous publications, including National Lampoon, Rolling Stone, Hustler, Forbes, Business Week, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal, Mad Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.


For more work by Gary, visit his website

School Outreach

The Paint & Pixel Festival is looking for a few more schools who are interested in having a comic book artist visit their students. If you know a school that would be interested, let us know or have them contact

We’re also sending free student tickets to any schools that want them!

More information on our school outreach an be found in our Education Guide.

55+ Exhibiting Artists!

We are psyched to have 55+ exhibiting artists for the 2012 show–with 21 artists planning comic and book debuts and nearly 10 artists offering portfolio reviews! Stay tuned for additional details!

2012 Exhibitor List